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Blue9 Technologies delivers innovative solutions on a global scale with speed and agility. Our technology agnostic approach, combined with a broad ecosystem of partners and pool of talent, positions us to deliver maximum value to our customers across their enterprise technology investments. 

Our focus on Creation of new creation of new solutions or upgrading the existing IT applications or integrating the new with old in order to moderniz your IT stack. includes on-premises and cloud, data-driven operations and workplace modernization. Blue9 Technologies is in a perfect position to help customers manage their IT landscape effectively with the skill and scope of services that we have in the Small, Meduim and Enterprise level of Technology.

We are one the recognized leader in IT industry, and ranked among the India’s best IT solutions and consulting company. 

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Catering the
Enterprise Technology

Blue9 technologies healthcare


Healthcare organizations seek innovative solutions to apply across the continuum of care. Blue9 has the expertise to help healthcare organizations improve productivity and empower caregivers that lead to better patient outcomes.

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Media & Technology

In rapidly changing markets, Technology, Media and Entertainment, Telecommunications companies must redefine the customer experience, capitalize on digital convergence and quickly launch new business models.

blue9 tech top company

Consumer & Retail

From tracking changing consumer buying patterns to ensuring the supply chain meets , industry leaders are leveraging new technologies to modernize, manage costs with rigor and curate ecosystems to drive sustainable growth.

blue9 IOT solutions

Industrial Manufacturing

Blue9 helps manufacturers rapidly exploit the digital era. By aligning smart factory and Industry 4.0 concepts, our customers can manufacture their products faster, improve efficiencies and transform supply chains.


Travel, Logistics 
& Hospitality

Today’s travel, transportation and hospitality businesses are reinventing themselves. Industry leaders are leveraging new technologies to modernize, manage costs with rigor & curate ecosystems to drive sustainable growth.


Banking & Capital Markets

To thrive in the complex and competitive financial market, financial services firms need products and services that work for 21st century customers. Scale your digital efforts and deliver the financial services of tomorrow with Blue9's services.

Empowering a Resilient Future

Our development stack gives customers the right foundation to run their business and change their business, thus helping them harness the power of innovation.

Automate and manage processes, modernize applications and build data-driven operations. Blue9 Technologies can help you unlock value and transform your business.


Years of Experience


Strategic Partners



Partnering for business transformation

The Blue9 Partner Network is a well selected ecosystem of partners and relationships built on a foundation of collaboration, differentiation and innovation. Together, we work to deliver the right solution and the right team to address the complex, critical business challenges faced by customers.


Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Blue9 Technologies can help you discover , migrate, modernize, and manage application workloads to the AWS platform. Take advantage of the latest AWS innovations and maximize your benefits from adopting AWS platform.


Google Cloud

Our technology is built on Google's private network and is the product of nearly 20 years of innovation in security, network architecture, collaboration, artificial intelligence & open-source software.



With Microsoft, we offer the integrated and innovative solutions you need to succeed in a cloud-first world. Together, we help organizations worldwide transform their IT & Business processes to drive success orchestrated by the cloud.

Unlock the power of the Enterprise Technology Stack and begin your organization’s transformation.

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