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Realize your business potential through your applications and digital capabilities. Blue9's strategic framework helps you simplify and transform applications, standardize platforms, digitize business models and automate operations to improve services, deliver more value and lower costs.

Services and Solutions

30+ security professionals
Technology-agnostic Infrastructure advisor
Prime security integrator
Around-the-clock management, monitoring and response
Security platform with intelligent automation 

Blue9 Technologies

Business Solutions

It's time for enterprises to completely rethink the way digital technologies integrate with legacy systems. Your digitized business application core should be surrounded with a range of products and services that reinforce the capabilities of each functional area. Our expert team partners with you to build your digital core, powered by enterprise applications that reinvent your business landscape and maximize your business benefits across six core business functions:

1) Human Capital Management
2) Customer Relationship Management 
3) Financial Management
4) Supply Chain Management
5) Enterprise Asset Management and Internet of Things
6) Enterprise Service Management 

Blue9 Technologies

Enabling Technologies

Blue9 provides industry, business process, systems integration, technical delivery experience and innovation to deliver value with your enterprise application portfolio. Our teams can help you deploy end-to-end solutions based on third-party SaaS solutions and enterprise application software, whether hosted in the cloud or in a traditional data center environment. 

1) SAP Solutions
2) Microsoft Dynamics Solutions 
3) Oracle Solutions 
4) IBM Solutions 
5) Salesforce Solutions
6) Cornerstone OnDemand Solutions
7) ServiceNow Solutions 



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