Cyber security isn’t only about IT. It’s about expanding beyond organizational walls into operations and products. Blue9 can help you stay ahead of adversaries by building resilience into your environment and becoming secure to the core.

Services and Solutions

Blue9 Technologies

Cyber Defence

Blue9 Cyber Defense Services include comprehensive advisory and managed security services to mitigate breaches and help you fully understand the threats you face. Our services range from threat intelligence, monitoring and threat detection to threat hunting and incident response, ethical hacking and vulnerability management, and executive protection services.

With a proactive approach, Blue9 provides the forensic and analytical skills, helping you deal successfully with complex security issues.

When a security event occurs, Blue9 uses incident-triggered analysis to determine the full extent of the breach. Incident responders and forensics experts enable a rapid response and minimal business impact, quickly locating any compromised device, containing the threat and rapidly returning you to normal operations 24/7/365.

To keep up with continuously changing threats, security operations must become intelligent, constantly adapting to counter adversaries, Blue9 ensure an in-depth, business-level review of your organization’s ability to protect assets, improve security practices and reduce business risk.

Blue9 Technologies

Digital Identity

Blue9 Technologies provides end-to-end Digital Identity Services to manage authentication credentials, users, identity risk and compliance. Blue9’s services enable you to manage access to important data and gain control of identity management for your customers, partners, employees, connected devices and digital services, including the relationships among all of them.

Our IAM services support a customer experience that delights, wins loyalty and builds trust. Authentication is scripted to flow with the customer journey to remove friction from digital transactions and limit damage from adversarial attacks.

Using behavior analytics to assess risks in real time before prompting users to authenticate, IAM offers not just passwords, but a choice of people-friendly digital ID validation methods such as voice and face recognition. Tuned for use via mobile devices to provide high levels of assurance with minimal effort from users, it enables compliance and trusted relationships between people, services and connected devices.

Blue9 Technologies

Data Protection

Security breaches and data theft have devastating business outcomes. Adverse publicity is only the beginning. The potential liability for lost or stolen customer data, and even fines from regulatory bodies, mean that chief information security officers must formulate and be able to demonstrate a resilient data protection and privacy strategy.

Blue9 Data Protection Services provide certified specialists with security and privacy expertise and experience to help you understand risks to business-critical data. First Blue9 pinpoints weaknesses, and then we help you develop an enterprise-wide data protection and privacy strategy, build sophisticated data protection and privacy solutions, and maintain your enterprise’s security environment.

Our consultants deliver projects of all sizes — from advisory workshops, assessments and tactical deployments to enterprise-wide solutions with full turnkey architecture design and technology implementation. Blue9 services include:

1) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) advisory and planning services
2) Data Protection and Privacy Advisory Services
3) Data governance and privacy services
4) Data loss prevention
5) Encryption solution

Blue9 Technologies

Secured Infrastructure

Blue9 Technologies provides infrastructure and endpoint security services designed to lower enterprise data and network risk, improve security protection, and enable business innovation and growth.

Blue9’s services position you to reduce your cyber risk, implement security approaches successfully, optimize a return on your security investments and improve your infrastructure protection.

Blue9 Secured Infrastructure Services support an agile, efficient and cost-effective security infrastructure. That means solutions meet your exact requirements, your IT staff is freed up to work on other high-value work, and your active business risk aligns with your security threat protection.

Blue9 consultants use industry standards and best practices to advise and assist in implementing a multi-pronged approach to identity, vulnerability and threat management. Your business outcomes may include fewer outages in production, clear separation of networks and duties to minimize production risks, and more efficient incident handling. 

We offer you in-depth expertise on infrastructure and endpoint security solutions. Our experienced advisors can recommend the best path forward for your organization’s security.



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