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Our world-class consultants combine expertise in industry, business processes and technology to help our customers solve complex business challenges and realize their strategic business objectives.

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Blue9 Technologies

Industry Consulting

Blue9's Digital Industries and Analytics Consulting provides unique end-to-end capabilities for complex industry-specific transformation programs with offerings such as Digital Asset Performance Management, Digital Manufacturing Transformation, and Digital Citizens and Smart Agencies, leveraging an ecosystem of best-of-breed solution partners.

We bring deep industry capabilities to execute industry-specific projects, incorporating selective use cases that drive business insights through analytics, with security across transactions and processes.

Industry executives need guidance and expertise to exploit digital solutions that transform and disrupt their industries. We partner with clients to accelerate the implementation of next-generation digital solutions that increase business insights and drive improved business outcomes. We can help you in: 

1) Lower operational cost and improve productivity with optimized industry processes and automation.
2) Maximize ROI on your asset base and minimize compliance     and risk issues
3) Optimize manufacturing and supply chain processes
4) Improve governance, risk management and compliance by     optimizing industry processes and systems.

Blue9 Technologies

Digital Business Platforms

Blue9's Digital Business Platforms Consulting helps customers optimize their processes and the applications that support them, such as supply chain processes and billing processes.

Expert consultants apply years of technology and industry experience to help you to:

1) Understand the strategies, benefits and risks of using     commodity business functions or underlying technology
2) Shape and execute complex business transformation,     leveraging expertise in human resources (HR), customer     relationship management (CRM), finance, supply chain and     more to adopt new business platforms as per needs.
3) Design business process transformation through     automation
4) Develop strategies to maximize business value from     modernizing an application or the application stack.
5) Shape and execute Agile/DevOps transformations for rapid     change

With Blue9 Technologies, Digitize and automate business processes with the next generation of enterprise applications and cloud platforms.

Blue9 Technologies

Digital Technology Platforms

Blue9's Consulting Services help customers apply the right digital technologies to enable secure, scalable digital core services that supports the transformation to a digital enterprise. Digital technology platforms enable digitization of core business services so that the business can establish new business models, create new customer experiences, and optimize and automate processes that deliver the outcomes needed to transform the business.

Blue9's Digital Technology Platforms deliver the guidance and expertise you need to select and enable digital core technologies and platforms that will reduce the cost of IT operations, deliver an agile applications portfolio, and support new digital business initiatives. Our extensive network of 50+ digital technology partners delivers the right cloud infrastructure, application environments, and technology platforms to lay a common foundation for your digitized core business services.



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